Chiropractic Testimonials

“My interest in chiropractic care began when I read that it could help people with Ulcerative Colitis (UC). I did not buy into this because I thought chiropractors dealt with back pain. However, around the same time a friend of mine told me how her family was receiving chiropractic care for issues other than back problems, and that she felt her family was benefiting from it. I’d been living with UC for eight years (and the ambiguous diagnosis of Crohn’s/UC based on progression of the disease for three years), and the physical and emotional toll was overwhelming at times. I lived in a fear of the disease spreading to take over my health and life, and I hated the thought of forever being dependent on pharmaceuticals. I wanted to find a natural alternative for my health problems, so despite my doubts, I decided to see Drs. Dave & Carla at the recommendation of my friend.

Approximately four months into my chiropractic care I experienced a flare-up of the disease. I was disappointed but remained patient with my care. Three months later, after about seven months of care, I underwent a routine colonoscopy. The doctor found very mild, localized inflammation but an otherwise normal looking view. Biopsy results came back normal with no evidence of UC! My doctor told me to continue doing what I was doing!

At this time I feel calmer, more at ease and more in control of my health. I don’t know what the future hold but I have been the confidence that my body can heal itself and I plan to continue with chiropractic care. To anyone considering chiropractic care, I’d say to ‘keep an open mind and have patience, give yourself time to heal”.

- Hilary

Why I came to Corrective Care Chiropractic…
"Over the past couple of years I had increasingly had a great deal of lower back pain and was at times unable to work due to being in so much pain. This was only further aggravated by the harsh winters the past couple of years. About a year ago or so I went ot visit my primary care doctor about the on-going pain and other complications and she simply told me to put a heating pad on it, take ibuprofen and that low back pain is just a normal part of life in New England. On I went living in pain until one day my partner recommended that I try going to see Dr. Dave LeClerc after hearing about the services at work seminar. Attending that first appointment was the best decision I ever made for my personal health."

- Matthew

Why we came to Corrective Care Chiropractic…
"Drayton had periodic issues with Bursitis and Nicholas had Torticollis. We started with Corrective Care Chiropractic in 2010 and once our issues were resolved, after only a few sessions, we continued to come, as a family, for spinal maintenance."

- Drayton and Angie

Why I came to Corrective Care Chiropractic…
"I have been pretty active all my life. When I was younger, I did gymnastics and diving. Now I like to compete in triathlons and obstacle course races. I work out regularly; lifting weights, taking boot camp classes, and swimming. I’ve never had any back issues in my life. One morning I was doing my regular workout and while doing weighted burpees, my back started to hurt. I thought it was just a pulled muscle. It wasn’t until two days later when I could hardly get out of bed that I knew something was wrong. I was talking with a colleague of mine who had been seeing Dr. Dave for many years, and she recommended I make an appointment. Here I am eight months later and pain free."

 - Karen

Why we came to Corrective Care Chiropractic…
"Our family came to Corrective Care Chiropractic along our journey to live a healthier lifestyle. We care about health: whole foods, organic lifestyle, and solar energy for a healthy Earth. First, Zac joined CCC, after meeting Dr. Carla at the Westford Farmers Market. Then Jaramie followed, along with Jennifer. We even got “Papa” Ernie to jump on in and the help he has received has been excellent. Maia is now receiving care and Jesse is also coming aboard, as he sees all the success we have had. We came with a myriad of issues: chronic lower back and neck pain, digestive issues and immune system deficiencies. All of our needs have been met as we continue to learn to live even healthier lives."

"What we have received from our care with Corrective Care Chiropractic is just that: Care. We feel well-cared for. And that is a new experience! Never before did we have doctors who knew us as well as who kept tabs on us and our overall health, helping us with food, supplements, exercise and sleep. We feel cared for from the moment we walk in the office and are greeted warmly by Gayle and Barbara. Dr. Dave and Dr. Carla always take the time we need to express concerns and give updates. We feel confident in their hands. We as a family feel connected to Corrective Care Chiropractic and we are so grateful for the CARE they give us every day."

-  Zac, Jennifer, Jaramie, Maia, Jesse and “Papa” Ernie

Why I came to Corrective Care Chiropractic…
"I met Drs. Dave and Carla 10 years ago at a local CVS. They had a table set up and were encouraging people to fill out a health survey. I tried to ignore them, but it didn’t work…Thank Goodness!!! With 25 years of headaches and other back issues, I started to see Dr. Dave. I followed his plan for me, and soon to my surprise, my daily headaches started to go away. To me it feels like a miracle to go through a day headache free."

 - Susan

Why we came to Corrective Care Chiropractic…
"We came to Corrective Care Chiropractic to work towards Wellness as a family. While we knew there were a variety of conditions that chiropractic could improve, we liked the idea of teaching our children another way they could take good care of their bodies and contribute to good health, like exercise and eating well."

 -  Jeff, Holly, Benny, Grayson, and Miles

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